Tripping Accident in local park

Walking the dog in the park

Our client was out walking her dog in a local park when she was involved in a tripping accident, badly injuring her leg.

How did the accident in the local park happen?

The fencing surrounding the park had eroded and had become surrounded by overgrown grass.

Our client tripped on the eroded fencing, fracturing her leg.

Impact of accident injuries

As a result of the accident, she was unable to work for nearly four months due to her injuries.

Accident claim for compensation

Personal injury solicitors at Digby Brown investigated the circumstances surrounding the accident and found the accident could have been prevented.

Council had highlighted defective fencing as a hazard

Upon investigations, it was found the council had highlighted the defective fencing as a hazard in inspections that took place prior to our client's accident and after the accident.

Had something been done to fix this issue, our client’s accident could have been prevented.

Accident claim raised in court

A court action was raised for compensation and the accident claim settled for an excess of £15,000.