Unsafe door strikes man in face

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Our client was employed by a third party as a removal man when his accident at work happened. 

How did the accident at work happen?

He was working at a School, owned by the defenders, who were moving buildings and so documents were being transferred across to the new school building. 

The client was moving boxes into the back of a truck and so opened a fire escape door to allow access to the truck. 

The door was not properly secured and it fell off its hinges and struck the client on his face, causing injury to his teeth

After the accident occurred, the defender’s janitor told the client that he was aware that the door had been broken but, despite this, no warning signs had been put up.

Accident at work claim with Digby Brown

Our client came to Digby Brown solicitors for help and advice about making an accident at work claim for compensation.

No Win No Fee

At Digby Brown, we offer no win no fee funding through Compensate. This allows us to fully investigate a case to help ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

However, when our solicitors raised the claim liability was denied.

Raised accident at work claim in court

With liability being denied, our solicitors raised an action in the Court of Session. 

After some time, the defenders finally tendered £5,000 which was accepted by our client.

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