When having Digby Brown on your side really makes the difference

Queuing traffic

Mr H. was involved in a road traffic accident in Scotland when his stationary car was hit from behind. He was pushed into the car in front of him by the negligent driver. 

Impact of road traffic accident injuries

Mr H. sustained soft-tissue injuries in the form of whiplash. 

He injuries were so severe that he was absent from work as an HGV driver for a period of six months before being made redundant as a direct result of his absence necessitated by the accident. 

He was unable to secure alternative employment for a further four months. 

Personal injury claim against other driver

Mr H pursued a personal injury claim against the driver who caused the road traffic accident for both compensation for his injuries and also compensation for his loss of earnings up till the date he found alternative employment.

Driver argued 50% blame for road traffic accident

The driver who caused the accident attempted to argue Mr H. was 50% to blame for the accident. They stated he had collided with the car in front of him prior to being hit in the rear himself. 

Despite independent evidence from the driver at the front of the collision that this was not the case, the other driver maintained his stance. 

Personal injury case taken to court

Digby Brown's personal injury solicitors raised the case in court to argue liability. They were able to proceed to court against the other driver with no financial risk to Mr H. should he ultimately be found in court to be 50% to blame for the accident. 

Digby Brown prepared for the court hearing on the basis the other driver was fully at fault for the accident and we and Mr H. refused to change our stance on liability, even in the face of an offer of £15,000 to settle the case. 

Increased personal injury compensation by £10,000

Just two weeks before the case was due to call in court the defenders increased their compensation offer by £10,000 to £25,000 which Mr H. accepted.