Window cleaner finally gets compensation after fall from ladder

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Our client, a window cleaner, was involved in a serious accident at work when the ladder provided by his employer slipped and fell to the ground.

The ladder was unsecured and was not suitable for the task our client was undertaking.

As a result of the fall, our client was unable to return to work and needed to take up alternative employment.

Our client originally contacted another firm of solicitors to deal with his case. However his employers insurers denied liability for the accident saying they were not responsible.

Upon receiving the denial of liability, the original solicitor advised our client that they would be unable to take the case any further and closed his case.

He then came to Digby Brown to see whether we would be able to help him recover compensation for his injury and loss of earnings.

Having reviewed the file, we were confident that our client’s employer would be held liable for the accident and that we would be able to recover compensation him.

It was clear there were other measures that could have been taken by his employer to eliminate the risk of injury. For example, providing a reach pole or ensuring that the ladder was properly secured and footed.

There was also the lack of training provided to our client about safely working at height. Had his employer undertaken a suitable risk assessment, they would have identified such measures that would have reduced the risk of injury.

Our expert personal injury solicitors in Glasgow obtained medical evidence in support of our client’s injuries and raised court proceedings against his employer using our no win no fee funding model Compensate.

Shortly prior to the case proceeding to court, his employers insurers made a five figure offer to settle the personal injury case. 

Had the client failed to contact Digby Brown for a second opinion, he would have lost his legal right to claim compensation all because his original solicitors failed to take his case any further after the insurer denied responsibility for the accident. 

We would advise anyone who found themselves in a similar situation, to seek a second legal opinion.

At Digby Brown, we are the only law firm in Scotland to be rated number one in personal injury. We have a wealth of experience in this specialist area of law and you never know until you speak to us - we may be able to help where others have failed to do so.