Woman hit by car awarded £7,500 in compensation

Woman looking out of window

Digby Brown’s Edinburgh office recently represented a woman after she was hit by a car. This accident resulted in both injuries and a reduced quality of life while she recovered.

As Carol was leaving her work, she was walking across the car park towards her vehicle. She stopped at the end of an aisle to cross, and noticed the car on her left hand side was stationary. As she began to cross the road, the car suddenly, and without warning, turned right and collided with Carol, knocking her to the ground.

Carol felt immediate pain and discomfort, with her left knee being left bruised and swollen. When this continued to get worse, she sought medical attention and was informed she had sustained soft tissue injuries to her left palm and an undisplaced fracture to her left tibial plateau. These injuries meant that she was put into a full leg splint for three weeks and had to wear crutches for a further 6 weeks

“I found it really difficult at home and I had no assistance from anybody else. Using the crutches was frustrating and hurt the palms of my hand. It was a real struggle to walk my dog or even make a cup of coffee which I kept spilling – I had to go out and buy a new mug with a lid.”

Carol was unable to drive for some time which meant she had to pay for taxis to and from medical appointments as well as pay for private physiotherapy sessions following her doctors’ recommendation. Carol also had to use her annual leave whilst off work when she was injured, losing out on the enjoyment of holidays.

Digby Brown solicitors in Edinburgh was able to seek compensation for not only her pain and suffering, but for occupational sick pay, expenses and inconvenience. Carol’s case highlights the range of impacts that a personal injury can have.

"Digby Brown handled my claim efficiently and promptly, keeping my informed of the progress of the claim at each step. The advice I received from Lucy Thornton of Digby Brown was constructive at all times and very helpful. Lucy was always available at the end of the phone or on email. I would recommend Digby Brown to anyone that is involved in a personal injury claim to get them speedy and efficient result."

Unfortunately these types of accidents are not uncommon and we help people every day who have been involved in road traffic accidents around Scotland, from our seven offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Kirkcaldy, Inverness, Aberdeen and Ayr.

We work closely with Brake, the road safety charity, to try and reduce the number of needless injuries from accidents on Scottish roads. Fraser Simpson, partner and head of Industrial Disease at Digby Brown Solicitors, is the Scottish spokesperson for Brake and will be taking part in their Glasgow launch of ‘Drive less, live more’ campaign for their Road Safety Week campaign.