Work injury claim settles for five times original offer

Construction workers on roof

Digby Brown’s Inverness lawyers secure over five times the original offer using new Pursuer Offer

Mr X came to Digby Brown’s office in Inverness a year and a half after a workplace injury. Having slipped and injured his foot, he was still suffering significant ongoing pain in his foot and ankle.

Since the accident, his injuries have meant he had to return to work carrying out more office-based duties as he is restricted in what he can do on site now.

Work injury claim with the help of Inverness solicitors

From the outset of the work injury claim against his employers’ insurer (defender), they denied liability, claiming the accident was the sole fault of our client (pursuer).

They eventually made a low offer inclusive of any costs our client had incurred due to his injuries from the accident which in reality would have been much less than what our client would have accepted as this did not reflect the losses and injuries suffered.

Court action to secure fair compensation

They then increased the offer slightly plus costs to settle the claim.  This was rejected again and a court action was then raised. This was all funded using Digby Brown’s no win no fee funding package. Compensate.

Eventually the defenders admitted fault for the work accident, albeit still blaming our client to some extent. They also made a further offer of three times the original offer.

It was continually put to our client by his employer that if he rejected the offers he would have to go to Court.

Compensation five times the original offer

Digby Brown Inverness lawyers recommended using the relatively new process of a Pursuer Offer.

A Pursuer's Offer is a formal offer to the defenders made by a pursuer (in this case, our client) effectively putting the defenders on notice of the sum our client would accept in settlement of the court case. If the defenders do not accept the pursuer's offer, and our client is eventually awarded more than the offer, not only do the defenders have to pay our client the full award, they also have to pay an additional sum in compensation to our client.

Having lodged an offer of a sum agreeable to our client, his employers’ insurer accepted this in full, with our client receiving around 5 times the original offer.

Pursuer offers should be considered with great care, but when used wisely, they can be an excellent way to defeat bullying tactics adopted by insurers.