Worker injured due to health and safety failings

Factory floor

Sheila broke her wrist in an accident at her work in Edinburgh when she slipped on water. She had been working at the factory for almost 29 years as a process operator.

“I was off work at the beginning and it took about a year to fully recover but now I’m pretty much back to normal.

“I wasn’t sure about making a claim but my colleagues advised that I should get some legal advice and to go to Digby Brown.”

Factory at fault for work accident

After our solicitors in Edinburgh listened to what happened, it became clear Sheila’s employer was at fault for the accident.

Sheila’s employers were aware that other people had slipped on water and since her accident, they have put down anti-slip mats so that other workers do not injure themselves. However, this was too late to prevent Sheila’s accident.

Work accident claim taken to court

Although Sheila’s employer had admitted fault for the accident, they then pulled admission of guilt and accused our client of lying.

In the end, they agreed to settle the work accident claim and made an offer of £6,000 which was accepted.

“It was the first time I had ever had to go through something like this so I really didn’t know what to expect. I’m glad I made a claim and the service from Digby Brown was really good.”