You would be a fool not to use Digby Brown

Drivers steering wheel

Stacey Scott was driving along Boghead Road, Kirkintilloch with her four-month old child when she spotted a car coming the other direction - but onto her side of the road.

She pulled over as far as she could and kept beeping her horn, but the other driver didn’t look up until the last minute and hit her.

As a consequence the other driver was charged with careless driving. Ms Scott’s car was also so badly damaged it was written off and she was forced to buy an older car.

“I was absolutely petrified of driving after the accident. I was a nervous wreck every time I went on the road. It felt like my independence had been taken away from me. I had no faith the new car would keep me and my family safe.”

Legal help from personal injury solicitors in Glasgow

“I knew the accident was not my fault – there was nothing more I could have done to prevent it. I wanted to put things right and get some justice for what happened.”

After Ms Scott came to Digby Brown’s personal injury solicitors in Glasgow, they could see she was not at fault and pursued compensation on her behalf.

“I found Digby Brown and my solicitor James McCrone absolutely amazing. James got me the care I needed after the accident including physiotherapy and speaking to a councillor about my anxiety when driving.

"I received top class guidance throughout the case; everything was dealt with quickly, professionally and sensitively.

“I totally trusted my solicitor was doing the very best he could for me.”

Compensation secured with court action

Although liability was admitted fairly early on, the insurers failed to make a compensation offer to settle the case.

Our Glasgow solicitors then raised the claim in court which was all funded using our no win no fee funding model, Compensate. This meant in the event the case was not successful, Ms Scott was not liable to pay a penny.

In the end, our solicitors secured a settlement of £8,000 which was happily accepted by Ms Scott.

“I received a lot more than I expected. I used my compensation to buy a bigger car which was life changing for me. It built my confidence again and I feel a lot more secure and relaxed when I’m driving. I feel if I was ever in an accident again, the car will protect me and my family.

“All in all 11/10 from me. I wouldn’t want to be involved in another accident, but if I was, I would definitely go back to Digby Brown as it was a great service and they genuinely do what’s best for you.

“You would be a fool not to use Digby Brown.”