Accidents abroad - is time running out to make a claim?

Driving car in Spain

Many people will have had holidays disrupted or cancelled this year due to the coronavirus outbreak.

But it is an unfortunate fact that, for many travellers, previous holidays have been affected or even ruined by road traffic or cycling accidents abroad, or accidents in their hotel or accommodation.

Accidents abroad can be particularly difficult and unsettling. You may have to deal with foreign emergency services through a language barrier and be faced with large and unexpected expenses.

The thought of trying to find a lawyer abroad may prove too daunting or expensive to attempt even in the most serious of cases.

However, if you have been in an accident abroad, you may have the right to bring a claim forward in Scotland through trusted Scottish specialist travel lawyers.

But that could be changing soon.

Brexit – what it means for Scots injured in Europe

Since Brexit, the UK has been in a transition period, meaning you still have the right under EU law to  claim in Scotland for road traffic or cycling accidents abroad, and this covers most European countries.

But the transition period ends on 31 December 2020, and you may lose your right to claim in Scotland for an accident abroad if you do not do so before then.

There are a variety of other cases that may also be affected. In most EU accident cases, particularly accidents on holiday in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Republic of Ireland, France and Germany, Digby Brown is able to bring your legal case in Scotland.

We have acted for clients who have been injured in their hotel, whether or not they are on a package holiday, at restaurants, even in rented houses and on golf courses.

In many of these cases, foreign law will apply, which will mean that the time limit for bringing a claim is far shorter than in Scotland.

If you have had an accident abroad, especially if this happened in Europe, we recommend you seek prompt, expert and informed legal advice.