Asbestos Action calls for removal of asbestos

Asbestos in roof sheet

Digby Brown were proud to support Asbestos Action, a national charity helping and supporting those suffering from asbestos related diseases, hold an event in Dundee to highlight the hidden risk posed by asbestos in homes and workplaces.

30% increase in asbestos victims seeking support

The day was also the charity’s 15th Annual General Meeting.  Asbestos Action have seen a 30% increase in demand for its services as. the number of people being diagnosed with asbestos related disease continues to rise in Scotland.

A keynote speaker at the event was Beth Robinson of Gowrie Contracts Ltd, a Dundee based firm who specialises in asbestos abatement, while representatives from the Princes Youth Trust presented a video designed to help raise awareness of the risk posed by asbestos to future generations.

“We need to see the safe, phased removal of asbestos from buildings”

Speaking at the event, John Fearn, General Manager of Asbestos Action, said:

It is important for us to actively campaign to help raise awareness of the dangers of asbestos exposure and its widespread presence in our houses, schools and workplaces.

“We need to see the safe, phased removal of asbestos from buildings where it is present, increased standards of health and safety, and better remedies for those affected by asbestos disease through no fault of their own.

“We will aim to hold them to account, to secure some justice for asbestos victims and their families”

John’s comments were echoed by Euan Love from Digby Brown’s specialist Industrial Disease team. Euan said:

We now see an increasing number of cases where the likely asbestos exposure, which may have occurred decades ago, was not the result of working in heavy industry. Instead, it may be the result of being involved in the construction industry, or as a consequence of occupying buildings where asbestos is disturbed.

“Often this exposure may be inadvertent, but could have been avoided if there had been greater awareness of the presence of asbestos within our buildings and the danger caused by its disturbance.

“Where we can establish that those who had responsibility failed to take reasonable care to reduce the risk posed by asbestos under their control, we will aim to hold them to account, to secure some justice for asbestos victims and their families”.

In June, Asbestos Action and Digby Brown highlighted the dangers created by the presence of asbestos in schools, after figures revealed the shocking numbers of schools where asbestos is present across Scotland.

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