Asbestos Action Winter Newsletter: 06 January 2015

Asbestos in roof sheet

Asbestos Action is an organisation helping people across Scotland affected by asbestos-related illness, their families and carers. Digby Brown have supported and worked alongside the charity for a number of years. Our Industrial Disease Department, led by Fraser Simpson represents people suffering from asbestos-related illnesses across Scotland.

This type of illness is sometimes thought of as a condition of the past, affecting those who worked in traditional and heavy industries. This is not the case – asbestos related conditions continue to affect people working in a range of environments today.

Asbestos Action recently published their Winter newsletter containing news relevant to those affected by asbestos-related illnesses and medical professionals working in the field as well as full information on how to contact or support the charity.  Page 2 of the newsletter is an article by Digby Brown’s Fraser Simpson on achieving fair and just compensation through the legal system.

Download a copy of the Asbestos Action Winter 2015 Newsletter (opens as PDF).