Being approached in the street

Woman getting advice from solicitor

It has come to our attention that a number of individuals purporting to represent Digby Brown Solicitors have approached passers-by on the street to enquire whether they have been involved in an incident which has caused a personal injury. Specifically in recent times this has been reported in the city centre of Glasgow. These people are not associated in any way with Digby Brown and are fraudulently using our name to give credibility to their unscrupulous actions.

Digby Brown condemns this activity and would never endorse anyone who would wish to try and generate business in this manner. Approaching an individual directly about making a claim or encouraging someone to contemplate such action is wrong and such practice resides in the gutter. These type of organisations, whether those fraudulently pretending to represent Digby Brown, or others who use this type of sales tactic are deceitful and crass, not to be trusted, especially when it affects something serious which has happened in your life.

Everyone who contacts Digby Brown is treated equally and with consideration. We understand that when you do contact us something serious has happened in your life and if we can we will try and help. We won’t try and persuade you to make a claim – it is your choice. Because if it matters to you, it matters to Digby Brown.