Bike Law Scotland – Key Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2012

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Earlier this week the Scottish Government released some key statistics on transport research.

The data gathered relates to all reported road traffic accidents in Scotland in 2012, but there are several key statistics for motorcycle and bicycle users.

• In 2012, there were 864 motorcyclist causalities, which represents a 7% rise on 2011.

• In all, 40% of the above motorcycle casualties resulted in serious injuries, in itself a 17% rise on 2011. 

• There were 21 fatalities, which thankfully is 12 less than in 2011.

• However, recorded motorcyclist ‘slight casualties’ (501 in 2012) is now 21% below the 2004-08 average.

• There were 898 bicycle casualties, which is a 9% increase on 2011. 

• Of these, 19% resulted in serious injuries, which is a 7% increase on 2011. 

• In relation to bicycles alone, there were 9 fatalities in 2012, which is 2 more than in 2011.

There are now more cyclists on the roads which will impact on cycling casualty numbers with numbers increasing by around 30% in the last ten years, as shown by the National Travel Survey and Traffic estimates published in Scottish Transport Statistics.

Another notable statistic is that 40% of casualties happen on 'non built-up' or rural roads.  The Scottish Government has classified these roads as having speed limits of more than 40 mph.  Around 60% of all fatalities in 2012 happened on these ‘non-built up’ or rural roads.

This suggests that collisions on rural roads with higher speed-limits are more likely to involve serious injuries or fatalities.

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