Caledonian Crushers put Scottish rugby players through their paces

Caledonian Crushers in action

Digby Brown are supporters and sponsors of the Caledonian Crushers, Scotland’s only Wheelchair Rugby Club. 

This fantastic club, inspired by the success of Michael Kerr, the only Scottish player in the Team GB, Wheelchair Rugby Team, was established in 2011 and aims to get as many people as possible involved with wheelchair rugby in Scotland.  The club made their debut in the British Wheelchair Rugby League in the 2012/13 season and have gone from strength to strength since.

Earlier this week, the Crushers were joined at their training session in Glasgow’s Emirates Arena by Scottish Rugby Players Robert Hartley, Peter Murchie and Pat McArthur, who were definitely put through their paces, as the photos below show.

Caledonian Crushers photo 1

Caledonian Crushers photo 2

Caledonian Crushers photo 3

Such high-profile support for Wheelchair Rugby is fantastic to see and will help the club and the sport develop. We look forward to continue sponsoring and cheering on the Caledonian Crushers.

Michael Kerr spoke at the 2012 Digby Brown Winter Dinner Dance for Spinal Injuries Scotland. We are long-time supporters of Spinal Injuries Scotland  and have helped raised over £500,000 for this inspirational organisation. 

Caledonian Crushers photo 4

Caledonian Crushers photo 5

Caledonian Crushers photo 6