Cycling and Scotland's country roads

Cycling on the road in Autumn

There are increasing numbers of cyclists on Scotland’s roads, with people across the country taking to their bikes to commute, for sport or just for recreation. Sadly, we are seeing more cyclists being involved in accidents and sustaining serious injuries. 

Over half of Scotland’s non-motorway road network is in rural areas and these country roads can present specific challenges and dangers to cyclists, whether because of increased vehicle speeds, poor lighting or inconsistent standards of maintenance.  Scottish Government research shows that less than 20% of the accidents involving cyclists in Scotland happen on country roads but 60% of fatal accidents and a quarter of serious injuries occur in these areas.

Digby Brown have experience of representing people across Scotland who have suffered a personal injury while cycling.  With offices in Dundee, Inverness, Kirkcaldy and Aberdeen as well as in Edinburgh and Glasgow, we can help you wherever your, or someone you knows, accident occurred.

If you have been in a cycling accident, what should you do? 

We would suggest giving Digby Brown a call, explain what happened and we will be able to help. We will explain the process of making claim, the process of funding the claim, on a no win no fee basis, and what you should do next.  It is likely your injuries will have caused you to take time off work, caused additional expense, in the least your bike will require repair if not replacement – these days that can easily run in to hundreds of pounds.

Digby Brown campaign alongside organisations like Brake, the road safety charity and the Child Brain Injury Trust, with who we produced a series of brightly coloured ‘slap-wraps’ which are being distributed across the country to help children and families stay safe, especially when out cycling or making journeys to and from school over the winter.

We have the expertise to help, call 0333 200 5925, text help to 83310 or fill in our brief enquiry form and someone will contact you.