Cycling's accidental Olympic and Paralympic legacy

Cycling in the Summer

2012 has been an incredible year of sporting successes, with cycling featuring prominently. From Bradley Wiggins’ historic Tour de France victory to Sir Chris Hoy’s record breaking Olympic achievements and Sarah Storey’s incredible Paralympic performance, cycling’s profile has never been higher.

This has translated into more of us getting on bikes to make everyday journeys, with Scottish Government research finding ‘large increases in the number of cyclists on the roads’. 

Cycling has many benefits to individuals and all of us who use the roads but sadly recent years have seen an increase in the number of cyclists injured. The recent incidents involving Bradley Wiggins and UK Cycling Coach Shane Sutton show this can happen to anyone.

2011 saw, for the first time, more accidents involving cyclists than motorcyclists on Scotland's roads and an increase in the number of cyclists suffering serious injuries.

With the highest numbers of accidents occurring during peak travel times on built-up roads, the often inclement Scottish weather and the fact that helmets are not compulsory, it is all too easy to see how serious injuries happen.

If you, or someone you know, are involved in accident what should you do?  Unlike a motorist you are unlikely to have an insurance policy you can automatically invoke if the accident circumstances are disputed. 

We would encourage you to give Digby Brown a call, explain what happened and we will be able to help. We will explain the process of making claim, the process of funding the claim, on a no win no fee basis, and what you should do next.  Your accident may have caused you to take time off work or lose earnings or require costly repairs to your bike and equipment.

We have lots of specialist experience in this field. Digby Brown acts for British Cycling Federation members in Scotland and has represented cyclists across the country who have suffered a personal injury while out on their bikes.  We campaign alongside Brake, the road safety charity, who recently launched a national ‘GO 20’ campaign, urging the Scottish Government and local authorities to create more 20mph zones and appealing to drivers to slow down to 20mph in built-up areas to create a 2012 legacy of more and safer cycling.

We also work with the Child Brain Injury Trust in Scotland and sponsored a series of brightly coloured ‘slap-wraps’ which are being distributed across the country to help children and families stay safe, especially when out cycling or making journeys to and from school over the winter.

We are here to help.  Call 0333 200 5925, text help to 83310 or fill in our brief enquiry form and someone will contact you.