Dangerous drivers targeted by Police Scotland

Police Car

As of yesterday, Police Scotland will be targeting reckless drivers who are speeding, using their mobile phones or are not wearing their seatbelts in a bid to improve road safety.

The latest figures from Transport Scotland show that 146 people were killed on Scotland’s roads in 2017. Although the number of road casualties has fallen to the lowest level since records began, there are still drivers who continue to put themselves and others at risk.

Chief inspector Mark Patterson confirmed that since April 2019, 16 people have died in road accidents across Scotland, with a woman killed on Sunday after a crash in Moray. He said: 

"We will stop drivers who are behaving selfishly and irresponsibly, and enforce the road traffic laws with the appropriate penalties. My message to all drivers is quite clear - obey the law and #drivesmart."

Drivers caught could face serious penalties including having their licence suspended or being disqualified. For new drivers who passed their test within two years, six penalty points could see them losing their licence, and they would need to apply for a provisional licence again as well as resit the theory and practical tests.

However, despite the serious penalties and the risks involved, drivers continue to engage in dangerous behaviours on the road, and some wrongly believe it is okay to drive and text a friend when they’re sitting at lights - but they are still not legally permitted to do so.

The law is in place to protect everyone on the road, as even a second of distraction behind the wheel can have life changing consequences.

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