Digby Brown help launch 'Restoring the Balance of Justice' Campaign

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A high-profile national and international campaigner and Digby Brown Partner Kim Leslie have launched a campaign  that aims to restore the balance of justice for victims of  stalking, harassment, domestic abuse and sexual crimes in Scotland.

The 'Resoring the Balance of Justice ' campaign is being led by Ann Moulds, whose pioneering campaigning has led to tougher criminal laws against stalking in Scotland and across the UK and Europe, and Kim Leslie and is being supported by a number of legal experts and victim support groups.

Ann Moulds set up Action Scotland Against Stalking after enduring a terrifying two-year ordeal at the hands of a stalker, who was convicted but given a lenient sentence.  She launched a civil court action against her stalker and has successfully campaigned for tougher criminal laws against stalking in Scotland and across the UK and Europe.   Kim Leslie has been Ann’s legal advisor and representative in her civil court action. 

The ‘Restoring the Balance of Justice’ campaign group held it’s first meeting today (Tuesday 2nd December) in Digby Brown's Edinburgh office.  The meeting was attended by campaigners and experts on a range of areas related to the criminal and civil justice systems. The group will be actively working to contribute to and enhance the Scottish Governments strategy for justice in Scotland; “Making justice work for victims and witnesses”

Speaking at the group’s first meeting today. Ann Moulds said:

"This campaign aims to restore the balance of justice.

“We want to identify the barriers to justice that exist for victims of stalking, harrassment, domestic abuse and sexual crimes, and remove them.”

Kim Leslie, added:

"Ann's inspirational campaign and the day-to-day work of individuals and organisations across Scotland have made great progress but there is a lot more to be done.  I, and Digby Brown, are proud to be part of this campaign and will be working hard to make sure access to justice for everyone becomes a reality."