Dying to Ride

Motorcycle on Country Road in Scotland

As personal injury lawyers, we at Digby Brown are here to help motorcyclists injured in accidents that weren’t their fault. We also help the families of those who have lost their lives in motorcycling accidents. We were contacted recently by Teresa Mills, who runs the Dying to Ride group.

Dad-of-five Rob Mills was hit by a car on the Military Road in Corbridge, Northumberland, in June 2010.  Rob’s wife, Teresa, set up Dying to Ride, a motorcycle awareness group to save lives on the road, and organises an annual memorial ride for fallen riders on the second Saturday of June of each year followed by a night of camping, food and music.

As lawyers, we can help families through the legal haze of the aftermath – the practicalities of making a claim, establishing liability, arguing about contributory negligence, providing advocacy, advising on the value of a claim and the like. We have specialist knowledge of motorcycle accidents, and help our clients on a professional level, with compassion. Any accident is traumatic, and families often need emotional and practical support.

Teresa set up Dying to Ride to provide emotional and practical support to new widows, regardless of how they lost their partner. She is all too aware of the pain and suffering involved, and helps families in their time of grief. Teresa is committed to raising motorcycle awareness at teen driver education classes. She says “I feel it is best to create an atmosphere of motorcycle awareness to those who are learning to drive. I plan to put on presentations and show motorcycle safety awareness movies that will have an impact on the learning driver and remain on their mind. They will know about motorcycle awareness at the time they begin driving.”

Dying to Ride can now be followed on Twitter @DyingtoRide, and on Facebook.

Every accident which happens on our roads in Scotland whether motorway, side road or country road is a serious event - for Digby Brown whether the injuries the driver or passengers receive are considerable or minor, the fact is they are traumatic. It matters to us that you receive rightful and fair compensation, to help rebuild your life, either after injury, or in the absence of your loved one. We know that without a firm of specialist solicitors on your side, it is exceedingly difficult to deal with the aftermath. 

As motorcycle lawyers in Scotland, we work closely with a number of road safety charities, and are committed to helping motorcyclists ride safely.  BRAKE is a charity which was set up because every 30 seconds someone, somewhere, is killed in a road crash. Brake in the UK campaigns to stop accidents, and supports the victims. You can learn more about their work in the UK at www.brake.org.

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