E-coli cases reported in Scotland, February 2014

Testing for bacteria in lab

A number of cases of E-coli in Scotland have been reported, with initial investigations indicating this E-coli outbreak could be linked to the SSE Hydro concert venue in Glasgow. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde have urged anyone who attended the venue between 17th and 25th January and who has experienced symptoms including stomach cramps and diarrhoea to contact their GP.

Digby Brown Partner Mark Gibson is a specialist in Product Liability law, an area of the law that protects consumers who buy products which are found to fall below accepted standards of health and safety, are defective or faulty and which cause injury or harm to the ultimate user.

Mark Gibson said:

“Buying food at concert or other similar types of venue is something most of us do from time to time. We expect any food we purchase to be prepared, stored, packaged and handled to the very highest health and safety standards. If these standards are not met, causing illness, then clearly any food sold is not of the quality the consumer is entitled to expect and the manufacturers or sellers are in breach of their statutory duties. Individuals who fall ill as a result of eating food that falls below these standards may be entitled to claim compensation via Sale of Goods and other consumer protection legislation.

E-coli is a serious and unpleasant illness which can have both short and long-term health effects on anyone who contracts it.  Anyone experiencing symptoms of E-coli, or food poisoning more generally – which can include stomach cramps and diarrhoea – should contact their GP and inform their local Environmental Health Officer. Timely and accurate reporting is essential if the relevant authorities are to take action to prevent outbreaks of E-Coli, now or in the future, and improve safety standards.”

About Mark Gibson

Mark Gibson is an accredited specialist with the Law Society and has a particular interest and experience in Product Liability Law. Mark is currently representing one of the individuals who contracted Legionella longbeachae after using widely-used compost in her garden. Mark Gibson discussed the case, and the important health and safety questions it raises, in a recent Edinburgh Evening News article.

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