Edinburgh Young Drivers 2013

Outside at Edinbrugh Young Drivers

Three days, over 2,500 sixth year pupils from across Edinburgh getting the information, advice and real-life experiences to help them stay safe when taking to the roads as young drivers.

From driving at safe speeds, how important it is for drivers and passengers to always wear a seatbelt to the consequences of texting, being on the phone or failing to pay full attention when driving, Edinburgh Young Drivers 2013 covered it all.

Held over three days (10th – 12th September) at Edinburgh’s Corn Exchange, the event had a very important purpose – helping new drivers across the city understand all the possible dangers they will face on the roads.

Pupils on police bike at Edinburgh Young Drivers 2013

Digby Brown were proud to support the event, which was run by Streets Ahead.  Throughout the event, we ran a Mock Court, attended by several hundred people, highlighting the very real consequences – legal, emotional and financial – of a road traffic crash.

To spread the message about the importance of road safety and responsible driving as widely as possible, we teamed up with Radio Forth to highlight the issues covered at the event and provide young people and their parents across Edinburgh with resources and information to help them stay safe.

Throughout the event we asked the most important people at the event – the young people about to take to the roads for the first time – to share their thoughts via a dedicated hashtag, #edinyd, on Twitter. The tweets below are just some of the those attendees submitted.

@yasharbenam: #edinyd was bare fun! Really enjoyed the performers & learnt a lot about the risks and how it can effect one's life when driving recklessly

@alanadeas45: #edinyd thanks for a brill afternoon thanks to the two police women who told me what was going to happen for the have you clicked

@romeoindemand: George sharing his emotional story of a car journey gone wrong. The lesson - wear a seatbelt #edinyd…

@scotfire_Edin: Mock courtroom at @edinyoungdriver event #consequences #edinyd

@giopia95: Fire brigade hired me #edinyd https://twitter.com/giopia95/status/377752770016968704/photo/1

@FionaMurray96: Laurence A the fireman says 'Wear your seatbelt' #edinyd

@localdirlive: #edinyd Young people test their reaction times at @edinyoungdriver event https://twitter.com/localdirlive/status/377740737825488896/photo/1

Every year, Digby Brown help and represent thousands of people across Scotland affected by road traffic crashes. We see at first hand the very real consequences of these incidents and are committed to do anything we can to reduce injuries and fatalities on our roads. 

Digby Brown mock court room at Edinburgh Young Drivers 2013