Fatal road accidents in Scotland drops by 24%

Taxi and cars on the road

The latest statistics from Transport Scotland, published on 24 October, show that the number of people killed on our roads dropped dramatically by 24% last year to 146.

Of these, two children under 16-years-old were killed, ten less than the year before. Those seriously injured also dropped to 152, which was 15 less than the previous year.

Overall road traffic casualties dropped by 14% to 9,428 – the lowest level since records began.

However, that isn’t the full story.

These figures also reveal an increase in the number of cyclists and motorcyclists seriously hurt in road traffic accidents. In 2017, a further 23 cyclist were seriously injured and 13 motorcyclists.

Additionally, the number of pedestrians killed rose from 32 to 38 people.

This has led to a demand for cuts in speed limits in built up areas to 20mph. By reducing the speed limit, it is thought it will encourage more people to walk and cycle and the stats are clear – the risk of injury is greatly reduced the lower the speed.

95% of pedestrians struck at speeds lower than 20 will live. However, if struck by cars travelling at 20 to 40 mph, 90% of pedestrians are killed.

Transport secretary Michael Matheson welcomed the decline but said the figures would offer little comfort to families who lost loved ones.

Road Safety Week, run by Brake, begins Monday 19th until Sunday 25th November and this year's campaign is focusing on road safety issues for cyclists and motorcyclists.

Sadly, these two wheel road users are at greater risk of serious and fatal injuries in the event of a road traffic accident. The campaign will focus on education and changes to policies to protect these road users and reducing unnecessary accidents on our roads.

Our Glasgow office is supporting the Glasgow Brake event at Braehead Shopping Centre on Thursday 22nd November between 10am - 6pm for those wishing to learn more.