Finally, rightful compensation for asbestos victim

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Landmark decision won by Digby Brown Solicitors sets new level of compensation for pleural plaques claims

EVERYONE KNOWS THE DANGERS OF ASBESTOS TODAY. Everyone knows that for many, many years thousands of workers and their families breathed in these dangerous dust particles. No one knows how many people will, in future years, be affected with these horrendous conditions. The legacy of asbestos is only just being realised today.

Victims of asbestos related disease should already know that there are established routes to gaining financial compensation, especially if the cause of the condition can be related back to their former place of work. These routes usually took the form, in the past, of Union based legal advice.

However there is now finally another way. Asbestos victims are able to receive full and fair compensation because of a landmark court decision won by leading law firm Digby Brown Solicitors. This recent court decision was over double the amount of compensation offered, specifically with the condition, pleural plaque. This figure is based on a previously agreed voluntary framework which set the level of compensation an individual with specific conditions was entitled to. It was agreed between insurance companies and law firms to help speed up the process for settling significant volumes of similar cases.

In 2014 Digby Brown decided to challenge this, taking a landmark legal case to the Court of Session. The judge awarded Mr Wales, the pursuer, over double the previous highest award for his condition. This Court’s decision potentially will affect thousands of people.

It took Digby Brown’s specialist team of asbestos disease lawyers to set this precedent and their desire to no longer accept the established agreement. The financial risk was borne entirely by the firm with no risk to Mr Wales, if the decision had gone in the insurance companies favour.

Thousands of people throughout the West of Scotland were exposed to asbestos throughout their working lives, a shocking injustice which has had terrible effects on individuals and families.

Digby Brown is now in a position to help anyone who is considering a course of legal action for an asbestos related condition. We are experts in this area, with proven experience in getting people the compensation they are entitled to.

If you are one of the many people exposed to asbestos at work, call us on 0141 352 6215 or fill in our enquiry form by clicking here, because you and your family matter to Digby Brown.