Help for families who feel they are wrongly paying healthcare costs

Doctor looking at notes

Help for people who believe that someone in their family is  wrongly having to fund care costs which should be borne because of continuing healthcare issues by the NHS.

In an ever aging population in Scotland, more and more families are finding themselves in the unfortunate position where a relatives’ continuing healthcare costs are having to be funded privately and for many the stark reality is it is through the sale of a family home.

The issue which needs to be considered is whether someone who is continuing to receive medical treatment should at the same time be meeting their own means tested financial obligation to pay for their own residential care. Who should pay these care costs is of particular consideration and scrutiny given the ever tightening budgets of the NHS and Local Authorities. Digby Brown's belief is that cost should be borne by the NHS but for many that is simply not happening.

Under Scottish Government regulations, the NHS is obliged to pay the accommodation costs of people with severe health problems or who require intense or complex nursing care, even if it is delivered in a nursing home or in the individual’s own home. Although people are provided with free personal care in Scotland, people in care homes and nursing homes are still liable for accommodation costs. It is these costs that the NHS should be paying.

A recent BBC Scotland investigation found that people across the country could be paying care bills that the NHS should be covering. In response to this investigation, the Health Secretary, Alex Neill MSP, encouraged people to contact him if they think they may have been wrongly charged for care costs. A bold statement, but one which Digby Brown believes is both impractical and more a hollow political soundbite than genuine offer of help.

If you think you may have been wrongly charged for care costs, we would encourage you to get in touch with us. Digby Brown has many years of experience dealing with continuing care costs on behalf of its clients after serious injury and believe we can use our experience and expertise to fully investigate your case and we will ask Alex Neill MSP and his department to look at your individual circumstances.

If you think someone falls into this category in the first instance contact us at giving brief details of your families circumstances.