It pays to be with specialists

Woman getting advice from solicitor

With a recent report in the Law Society Gazette suggesting that professional negligence complaints against personal injury firms for settling claims below their true value are increasing, Fraser Oliver, Digby Brown Partner, discusses our approach to personal injury claims.

We believe the only way to offer our clients the highest possible service and best possible chance of a successful outcome is to ensure we have specialist solicitors working on their behalf.  That’s why we’ve bucked industry trends over the last few years and employed more specialist solicitors.

Other firms operate differently, employing non-legally qualified staff to deal with personal injury claims on a ‘conveyer-belt’ basis where the object is to process and settle claims as quickly as possible.

Clients lose out from this approach. We are taking over an increasing number of cases from other firms where the clients’ case has either not been progressed or settled below its true value.

Professional negligence, where firms offering legal services don’t act properly or professionally, hurts clients and reflects badly on the personal injury legal sector.

We are always happy to look at a case, establish whether there has been professional negligence, how we can help put this right on behalf of a client and play a part in raising standards within our sector. That’s why Kim Leslie, Digby Brown Partner, who has extensive experience across all types of personal injury and is a Law Society Scotland Council member and convenor of the Society’s Civil Justice Committee, is leading our work in this area.

We understand, though, that many law firms are keen to keep existing clients and help them with all their legal needs. That’s why we created the Compensate Personal Injury Network (CPIN) which allows firms to refer personal injury cases to us and benefit from the results we achieve. The referring firm keeps their client relationship while helping them benefit from our expertise.

Clients deserve to have their claim dealt with by a specialist solicitor.  Law firms need to understand that personal injury and clinical negligence work are complex, challenging and ever-changing areas of law.  Taking on cases without the necessary expertise and the ability and funding to properly pursue them can prove a very costly mistake.