Kirkcaldy solicitors secure compensation for Levenmouth family

Police Car with lights on

Our Kirkcaldy office successfully settled a case for the family of a young man who was killed in a road traffic accident in the East Neuk of Fife.   

He had been driving to work one morning, when he was struck by a large vehicle which had crested the brow of a hill over the centre line. He sadly succumbed to his injuries.

The Procurator Fiscal took the case against the other driver to court, but the driver was found not guilty of dangerous driving.

Our specialist personal injury solicitors in Kirkcaldy took the case on and were instructed to proceed with the civil claim. The young man left behind two young children and a fiancée. They were financially reliant on him.

After litigating the case in the Court of Session, our team were able to successfully secure six figure settlements for his fiancée and children, to help provide financial security for the family. They recovered damages for loss of society, and loss of support, and awards for the help and assistance that the deceased was not going to be able to provide in future and which they would likely have to pay for.

We were also instructed to act for the deceased’s brother, sister, step sisters, father, step father, and grandmother. Awards were made for loss of society for each family member.

We appreciate that no amount of financial settlement can bring back a loved one, but making sure there is financial support available after bereavement is crucial for many families.

We find that many family members are concerned about pursuing a fatal injury claim, in case it affects the amount the surviving partner or children may get.

In Scot’s Law, unlike the position in England, there is no statutory limit for bereavement awards to family members. There is no ‘pot’ of damages to be split between family members – each case is valued on its own merit.

In addition to those who make claims to see justice being done,  some clients have gone on to use their settlements to help charities supported by their loved one, and others have created memorial spaces, or carried on businesses set up by their family members. There are no restrictions on what lawful means compensation can be used for.