Legal action against Church after abuse at Edinburgh care home

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Digby Brown Solicitors is helping three siblings with a legal action against the Church of Scotland after they suffered devastating historic abuse at a care home.

Our Non-Accidental team, who specialise in supporting survivors of abuse, was asked for help after two brothers and one sister were repeatedly attacked at Lord and Lady Polworth Children’s House in Edinburgh.

The perpetrator – a staff member called Ian Samson – was recently jailed for 14 years over the abuse of the trio.

However, it’s thought there are more victims sadly affected and Kim Leslie, Partner and specialist abuse lawyer here at Digby Brown, is encouraging them to step forward.

She said: “Ian Samson was rightly jailed for abuse he inflicted upon children after exploiting his position with the Church of Scotland.

“We understand that it can take years – sometimes decades – for survivors of abuse to come to terms with what happened and it takes immense courage to take those next steps.

“Thankfully, time limits on historic abuse cases have been lifted so we are now able to lead civil actions against incidents like this and help secure justice and settlements for those affected.”

The legal action was covered by BBC Scotland, The Herald and Daily Record.