Legal advice for anyone concerned over their future employment in the North East of Scotland

Oil platforms and shipping boat

Given the recent well documented fall in crude oil prices the knock on effect to the Scottish economy in the North East is now all too real. 

It is not only the giants like BP who has announced a headline figure of 300 jobs to be axed but what is the knock on effect and repercussions to the many smaller businesses and contractors who are wholly dependent on this industry?

As an employee involved in the oil and gas sector whether offshore or onshore you will understandably be concerned for your future career and the potential threat of redundancy.

Employment Legal Help

Digby Brown Solicitors Aberdeen office, based on Union Street, has a specialist employment law department which can help any employee who needs advice either with a settlement agreement or redundancy issue.

The office is headed by Lisa Gregory who is arguably Aberdeen’s leading legal specialist in the oil and gas and offshore industries for those seeking help with legal matters pertaining to their working environments. Lisa’s experience is significant, based in Aberdeen and working for over 20 years in this highly specialist area. Specifically in the fields of offshore Lisa has been at the forefront of ensuring good representation and fair compensation for many of the victims and families of those involved in helicopter ditching incidents as well as other high profile cases.

If you need legal help with an employment matter, you have received a notice of redundancy, have been dismissed, in your opinion unfairly, or have been sent a settlement agreement and need some advice, please get in touch and we can arrange for you to speak to someone who can help.