Mesothelioma Bill back before House of Lords

Asbestos dust in air

The Mesothelioma Bill – legislation to help people suffering from an asbestos-related cancer – returns to the House of Lords this week, with the Report Stage, which gives Peers the opportunity to consider and amend the legislation, scheduled to start on Wednesday 17th July. 

Full details of the debates in the House of Lords on the bill to date can be found on the UK Parliament website.

The bill, which was announced in the Queens Speech in May this year, would give people negligently exposed to asbestos and diagnosed with Diffuse Mesothelioma after 25th July 2012, access to a compensation payment scheme.

While we cautiously welcomed the bill, we have also expressed a number of concerns about the legislation as it currently stands; It only covers sufferers of one particular type of asbestos-related condition and has an arbitrary date for those to be covered by the scheme.