Motorcyclist - take it easy

Throttle of a motorbike

Live Fast Die Old is a film about three old bikers who are old for a reason – they were born to be wild, but sometimes they’re mild instead.

They know that one in three of all motorbike fatalities occur on left-handers, so when they’re out enjoying Scotland’s roads, that’s where they ease back on the throttle.

The film shows the three ‘lads’ living life to the full, acting like outrageous twenty-somethings, everywhere except the road. The point being, to reach their vintage, there’s a time to take it easy.

If you’ve never undergone any form of advanced motorcycle training, you may want to think about additional or refresher lessons; or joining a club; or your local Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists. In an era where our roads are getting more crowded and the pressures of modern life cause us to juggle multiple tasks while on the move, the work of the IAM has never been more relevant. With 22 groups all over Scotland you will be able to find one to suit you. All their members care passionately about motorcycle safety and advanced riding techniques. They’re a friendly bunch and most groups offer regular ride-outs, meetings and member discounts.

The IAM run a Skill for Life course which is popular, with riders enjoying improving their techniques. The course is designed to help get you riding in a way that makes you feel more visible, confident and in control. Carli Smith, reporter for Motor Cycle Monthly and More Bikes took the Skill for Life course herself – and described the perception that IAM courses were for old men as “a load of tosh!”.  Find out more at the link below:

If you do nothing else, take it easy on left hand bends. The results of getting a left-hander wrong will usually involve crossing over onto the opposite carriageway, where the results of even an otherwise ‘minor’ accident can instantly turn into catastrophe.