Police Scotland launch festive drink and drug driving campaign

Police car sirens lit up

Police Scotland launch their annual festive drink driving campaign – with drug driving also being targeted.

New drug driving laws came into force on 21st October and Police Scotland have new drug driving test detection kits which they will be using over the festive period. This can detect for cannabis and cocaine as well as six other drugs.

Police officers can carry out roadside drug testing using mouth swabs for any motorists they suspect of drug driving or anyone who has been in a road traffic accident or stopped for a traffic offence. 

Already, more than a 100 drivers have tested positive since the drug driving kits were introduced at the end of October. The majority of drivers testing positive were males aged between 17 and 50.

Justice Secretary Humza Yousa states "The drug-driving law and Scotland's low driver-alcohol limit are focused on making our roads safer for everyone.

"We've got to keep hammering the message home. If you have had a tipple, a drop, a little bit to drink, do not take the risk because you are going to be endangering yourself and other road users.

"The message is unequivocal. If you get pulled over, you are going to get tested for drink and drugs. And if you are found to have traces of either, there will be some really serious consequences."

The drink driving limit was lowered in Scotland from 80mg to 50mg in every 100ml of blood in 2014. This means that even one alcoholic beverage could cause you to be over the limit. Even the morning after drinking, you may not be safe to drive

The only option is to not drink or take drugs and get behind the wheel of a car. The tragic consequences from doing so are simply not worth the risk to you – or others.