Police Scotland launch festive Drink Driving Campaign

Don't drink and drive

Police Scotland launched a festive drink driving campaign which commenced on Saturday 1st December.

Drivers are being warned of the serious consequences of drink driving. Last year, 567 drivers failed breath tests across the festive season.

New research has shown that Scottish people considered the top three repercussions of being convicted of drink-driving were:

  1. Losing your licence (81%)
  2. Getting a criminal record (80%)
  3. Getting points on your licence (80%)

People did not seem to consider the possibility of receiving a prison sentence (64%), having your car taken away (47%) or losing your job (50%) were as likely.

Minister for Community Safety Ash Denham, Lord Advocate James Wolffe QC and Assistant Chief Constable Mark Williams launched the campaign in Edinburgh on 28th November to stress both the criminal and personal repercussions of being found guilty of drink-driving.

Lord Advocate James Wolffe QC has teamed up with the police and ministers stating:

“My message is very clear: you can expect to be caught and when you are, you will face the full force of the law”.

"Not only could you lose your vehicle but you will receive an automatic ban of at least 12 months, a criminal record and a potentially unlimited fine. It is absolutely not worth taking the risk."

On top of this of course, there is the very risk to human life to consider. We often see families torn apart because a drunk driver killed or seriously injured their loved one, changing all of their lives forever.

Every month, over 20,000 Scottish drivers are stopped by the police and the focus on drink driving will only heighten in the run-up to Christmas, making it more likely that those driving after a drink will be caught.

In 2014, the drink driving limit in Scotland was lowered from 80mg to 50mg in every 100ml of blood. Many people still don’t know whether or not they can legally have one drink and drive but the truth is there is no blanket answer for this. One alcoholic drink will impact on people differently depending on a number of factors such as what they ate that day, how fast their metabolism is and what age they are to name just a few.

The safest option is to simply not drink and drive and this is very much the message of the campaign. Even those found slightly over the drink driving limit will be deemed a drunk driver according to the law.

The lifelong consequences from drink driving are not worth the risk to you – or others.

Learn more about the drink driving limit in Scotland.