Private clinics could face prosecution if they fail to register

Woman getting beauty treatment

New regulation introduced by the Scottish Government demand all private clinics to register with Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) by 31st March 2017.

If a private clinic has not registered by this date it will be considered an offence and the practitioner could be subject to prosecution.

This means by April 2017, any healthcare professional working in a private clinic who carries out non-surgical treatments such as botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels and laser treatments will be breaking the law if they are not registered with HIS.

Around half of clinics still haven’t registered

According to Radio Clyde News, around half of clinics offering botox in Scotland have still not registered with HIS.

Listen to Jennifer Watson, personal injury solicitor at Digby Brown, speaking about the new rules on cosmetic procedures.

Jennifer Watson

Regulation will extend to non-healthcare professionals

The regulation of all cosmetic clinics will be brought into place in a three phase process.

At the moment, this new regulation only applies to private clinics who perform non-NHS work such as nurses, doctors and dentists.

However, the regulation will extend to those who provide cosmetic procedures such as beauticians, beauty therapists and clinical scientists.

At present, we await the dates for the remaining phases to be announced.