Riding Dirty

Throttle of a motorbike

Riding through the dirt and mud can be a fantastic way to spend an afternoon but please pay attention to this gentle warning to any off road bikers. “Police pledge to make full use of Anti- Social and Road traffic legislation to seize motorcycle that are being used illegally. Following enforcement many of the vehicles seized are ultimately dismantled and crushed.”

See the full article below for further details.

While off road riding has now became illegal in many parts of our nation’s beautiful countryside there are still places where you can ride your bike off-road on dedicated sites or where you have the permission of the landowner.. The consequences of riding illegally is the possibility of your bike being seized by the Police and ultimately destroyed. This is surely not worth the risk. 

Kirkcaldy and District Motor Club (KDMC) are presenting an excellent event at Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy to be held on Sunday 11th of May.

The event will include Static Displays & Live Events, Celebrity Interviews & Conducted Tours. For more information have a look at the clubs website

A great chance for those of you wanting to know more about off road events, or continuing your off road efforts in a controlled environment.

Be safe and Enjoy!