Road Safety Week 2016

Cars braking in traffic

Digby Brown have worked alongside Brake, the road safety charity, for many years. We are both committed to reducing the carnage we see on our roads and preventing road traffic crashes. 

Through our work with victims of road traffic crashes across Scotland we see at first-hand the devastating impact that crashes have on individuals and families on a daily basis.

Road Safety Week 2016

Each November, Brake run Road Safety Week, the UK's biggest road safety event, which involves people, schools, communities and businesses throughout the country.

Road Safety Week 2016 takes place from November 21 – 27.

Speeding and distracted drivers identified as main dangers

In a survey of 1,000 UK drivers commissioned by Brake as part of its Road Safety Week campaign, speeding and distracted drivers were identified as the most dangerous behaviours on our roads. More than three quarters of respondents identified one of these, with drink or drug driving also emerging as a concern, with nearly 1 in 5 survey participants naming this as a major road safety danger.

Road users can be part of Road Safety Week by taking and sharing Brake’s Pledge, which focuses on the things we can all do to help make our roads safer. The six elements of the pledge are: Slow, Sober, Secure, Silent, Sharp and Sustainable.

The Road Safety Week website has more information on the pledge and data and statistics showing why each of the six elements are important.

Digby Brown and Brake

Digby Brown have been supporters of Brake for a number of years, supporting Brake’s helpline in Scotland and Brake’s work to coordinate training for family liaison officers on how to support families bereaved on the roads. Digby Brown Partner Fraser Simpson volunteers as Brake’s media Spokesperson in Scotland, a role he undertakes in addition to his existing legal commitments.

Brake Road Safety Charity

Supporting road safety for young drivers

As a firm, we are committed to improving road safety in Scotland and are active supporters of a number of important events, including Edinburgh Young Drivers and Safe Drive, Stay Alive in the North East Scotland.  Both events provide vital information and awareness to thousands of current and future young drivers.