Safe Drive Stay Alive welcomes over 5,000 school pupils in North East

Safe drive stay alive

Safe Drive Stay Alive, a hard hitting road safety campaign, welcomed over 5,000 local pupils and apprentices across the North East to their four-day event.

By using video footage and stage performances performed by members of the emergency services, this commanding production intends to shock young drivers into really thinking about why accidents happen and the consequences for themselves, their families and the wider community.

This year’s show began on Monday 31st October at Aberdeen Beach Ballroom and schools throughout the North East attended including Peterhead Academy, Aberdeen Grammar School, Fraserburgh Academy, Lossiemouth High School, Inverurie Academy and Banff Academy.

One parent commented: “Well done everyone. Definitely made an impact on my daughter who attended yesterday. Very worthy campaign.”

Free evening public show of Safe Drive Stay Alive

There was also a free evening show for the general public held on Wednesday 2nd November.

Attendees were very positive about the event and the change it could potentially make.

“As a parent of young drivers and a driver myself, I found this very well presented and hard hitting. Well done to everyone involved. Was a very good turn out.”

“1st time I've attended this and as a driving instructor, I think that it was very well presented - well done to all involved!”

Proud to support Safe Drive Stay Alive

Lisa Gregory, Partner and Head of Digby Brown Aberdeen office: "As someone living in the area, I want our roads to be safer for young drivers and everyone who uses them. North east roads can be difficult to drive on at times and they have specific challenges. However, the stark reality is that there are too many road traffic crashes in our region.

"We know the statistics. It is a sad fact that young drivers are more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident, with drivers in their first year on the roads particularly at risk.

"This event can help change that reality – Safe Drive, Stay Alive doesn’t just change lives, it saves lives.

"As lawyers, my colleagues and I at Digby Brown see the effects of major and serious road traffic accidents on a regular basis. We provide as much legal support and assistance as we can to individuals and families as they try to find answers to some of their questions and move on with their lives to the best extent they can.

"Each year, we work with hundreds of families in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and communities throughout the North East for whom everything has changed after a road traffic accident."

Dangers on North East Roads

Statistics show that between 2011-2015, 244 young men and 96 young women between 17-25 were seriously injured across Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray.

Recent statistics show that serious road traffic accidents in Scotland are falling - but even one serious accident is one too many.

Hopefully, by supporting Safe Drive Stay Alive, we can continue to see serious and fatal road traffic accidents in the North East continuing to fall.

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