SFA abuse inquiry recommendations must be acted on

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This week a report was published that outlined the horrifying scale of abuse suffered by young players across Scotland's football clubs since the 1970s.

The SFA-commissioned document - which totalled 192 pages - engaged with 240 people during the investigation with investigators recognising the impact of the abuse will have had a "lifelong and sometimes catastrophic" impact on survivors.

A total of 97 recommendations have now been made aimed at supporting survivors, improving safety and preventing such travesties happening again.

Kim Leslie, Partner and Head of our Non-Accidental Unit, has already helped victims secure damages and justice against football clubs.

But she is now calling on the authorities to make sure all 97 recommendations are acted on so survivors get the recognition they deserve, future generations are protected and perpetrators are held accountable.

She said: "While this report may offer some survivors the recognition they deserve it remains to be seen whether it will help break down the barricades many clubs hide behind.

“Abuse survivors deserve support, justice and the ability to hold their perpetrators accountable but if organisations are not part of this solution then they are part of the problem.

"I also hope that in time a dedicated team will assess clubs to make sure the report’s recommendations are actually acted on and not simply ‘noted’ then put to one side.”

Kim's call to action has echoed throughout the national media including the BBC, Daily Record and The Scottish Sun.

The full report can be found here.