Statistics show devastating impact of Mesothelioma today

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Mesothelioma is a fatal asbestos-related cancer that is caused by exposure to asbestos dust. While this and other asbestos related conditions can be seen as legacies of our industrial past, we know that this is simply not the case – and recently published figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that Mesothelioma is an illness which continues to have devastating effects on individuals and families today. 

Impact of Mesothelioma today

Across Great Britain, 2,542 people died from Mesothelioma contracted through past exposure to asbestos in 2015, the most recent year for which figures are available. 

This means that 7 people died in the UK every day because of an asbestos related disease.

The situation in Scotland

In Scotland, 153 people died from Mesothelioma in 2015. This is down from the 177 deaths recorded in 2014, although the last ten years have seen consistently higher numbers of people dying from Mesothelioma in Scotland. 

Digby Brown know the impact Mesothelioma has on families. There is more information on this and other asbestos related conditions in the Asbestos Disease section of our website. As a firm, we are proud to work closely with two leading charities, Asbestos Action and Clydebank Asbestos Group, to highlight the dangers posed by exposure to asbestos today.  

“Asbestos: Challenges today and the threat to future generations”

Earlier this year, we supported a conference organised by both charities, “Asbestos: Challenges today and the threat to future generations”, which heard stark warnings about the dangers still posed by asbestos and what we need to do to protect people of all ages from them.

Asbestos in Schools across Scotland

One of the issues highlighted at the conference was the presence of asbestos in many school buildings and estates throughout Scotland. Figures made public under the Freedom of Information Act have revealed the scale of this problem. Digby Brown actively campaign on the need for urgent government action to protect those who attend or work in schools.  

BBC Scotland report on access to justice for victims of Mesothelioma

More recently,  a BBC Scotland report highlighted that some people who have developed Mesothelioma through no fault of their own are being denied access to justice and compensation.  

These victims contracted an asbestos related disease through indirect exposure. For example, wives who washed their husbands’ clothes by hand which were caked with asbestos have developed an asbestos disease later in life.

Digby Brown’s Euan Love, a Partner in our specialist Industrial Disease department, represents people in this situation and was interviewed as part of the report

The Health and Safety Executive figures, and the numbers of deaths from Mesothelioma in Scotland, show how real and devastating an impact this condition continues to have on individuals and families today.

Asbestos isn’t a legacy of our industrial past but a threat to current and future generations.

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