The 16 worst places in Scotland to have a vehicle breakdown

A82 Inverness

A new study has shown the worst roads to breakdown on across the UK. 

Various factors like being far from local services, the weather and even phone signal issues were considered when looking for Scotland’s most notorious roads.

But researchers confirmed Scotland’s worst locations for breakdowns – with one Scottish route singled out as the worst road in all the UK!

The full list is as follows:

Aberdeenshire: A944 close to the Tillyfourie Quarry (Lat 57.2 Lon -2.6)

Angus: A90, midway between the small hamlets of Careston and Finavon (Lat 56.71 Lon -2.8)

Argyll & Bute: The A816, also known as Soroba Rd, three kilometres south of Oban  (Lat 56.39 Lon -5.47)

Ayrshire: A70, a few kilometres east of Holmston (Lat 55.45 Lon -4.57)

Dumfries & Galloway: B725, near the hamlet of Middlebie in Dumfries Scotland. (Lat 55.07 Lon – 3.23) This was deemed the most inconvenient place to breakdown in all the UK.

East Lothian: The A1, approximately halfway between Haddington and East Linton (Lat 55.97 Lon -2.71)

Fife: B966, just outside of the village of Duncrieview (Lat 56.27 Lon -3.38)

Highlands: B832, roughly midway point between Charlestown and Kerrysdale (Lat 57.71 Lon -5.67)

Lanarkshire: A702, around three kilometres from the Scottish village of Elvanfoot (Lat 55.42 Lon -3.66). 

Midlothian: A68, roughly halfway between Oxton and Fala village (Lat 55.82 Lat -2.85) 

Moray: B9015, about one kilometre north of the village of Mosstodluch (Lat 57.63 Lat-3.13)

Orkney: A960, about half a kilometre south of the Gritley area (Lat 58.92 Lon -2.77)

Perth & Kinross: A9, about 10 kilometres north-west of the Calvine area (Lat 56.81 Lon -4.09)

Scottish Borders: B6364, close to the village of Stichill (Lat 55.63 Lon -2.46)

Shetland: A970, north of the hamlet of Cunningsburgh (Lat 60.05 Lon -1.23)

West Lothian: B9080, north of the Bridgend & District Golf Club (Lat 55.97 Lon -3.54)

You can read the full findings of the study on the Scrap Car Comparison website.

Digby Brown handles the tragic effects of car accidents in Scotland every day. 

Some of these occurred due to breaking down in the winter weather. We encourage everyone to be careful on the roads, drive cautiously and stay safe this winter.

Planning your route is essential for longer journeys so that if you breakdown you know where you are in case you need help. For more tips see our blog Winter is coming – Driving safety tips.