We can recover the costs of car hires or repairs after a crash

Drivers steering wheel

At Digby Brown we help thousands of people injured in a road traffic collision. Personal injury compensation helps protect homes, provides access to medical treatment and helps people get control of their life.

But there’s a simple, often stressful, part of life after a crash you might not realise we can also help with – and that’s what to do about the cost you’ve incurred after your own vehicle was damaged or written off after a crash.

After less serious crashes some people, who are physically and legally still able to, may still need to drive either for work, pleasure or necessity like GP appointments. But if their own car is unavailable after a crash then they may have had to take out a loan or credit agreement to either repair their own car quickly, access a hire car or buy a replacement vehicle altogether.

This means many people can be left out of pocket through no fault of their own but at Digby Brown, we can recover this cost as part of your personal injury claim provided a few key criteria are met.

The repairs or replacement was essential – being able to prove the costs went towards car costs for commuting, doing the school run or taking loved ones to medical appointments will be needed.

The replacement car was similar to the damaged one – you’re only entitled to claim for the equivalent cost to the damaged vehicle. So if you have a broken Vauxhall Corsa but take out a loan on a Range Rover then you’ll likely only get the money back for the Corsa.

Did you have access to a second car? – if you have access to a second car but choose to hire another vehicle anyway then the other side may not agree to reimburse your incurred costs.

Did you return the hire car promptly? – you should only keep a hire car for as long as is required while your vehicle is being repaired. If your own car is fixed after two days but you keep the hire car for five days, then you may lose the ability to recover the hire costs of the extra three days.

Did you act quickly? – If you could have had your vehicle repaired sooner but failed to act and incurred higher costs as a result then you will only be entitled to recover the hire or credit hire charges for a shorter period.

Remember – adding vehicle hire or repair costs to your claim is designed to help recover costs incurred as a result of a crash – it is not a profit-making tactic. If you are affected by this issue then your solicitor can advise you of your options.