Who is at fault in a motorcycle accident?

Motorcycle on Country Road in Scotland

Darren Wills, Claims Director for Groupama Insurances said: “How Safe are Britain’s Roads? prompted heated discussion on online motorcyclist forums… we were immediately sceptical about the statements made on the programme.”

The programme asserted that the majority of rider fatalities took place on country roads. The programme makers went on to say that the most common cause of accidents was riders losing control on bends. Groupama were able to analyse their claims patterns, and of all the claims analysed, none were caused by loss of control on a bend.

An irrefutable fact highlighted in the programme is that after years of the number of fatalities on Britain’s roads steadily reducing, the numbers are starting to rise again. The relaunch of the Think! Bike campaign can only be a good thing for those of us out there on two wheels, as, if Groupama’s research is correct, a lot of drivers out there forget about us.

Do what you can to be safe – be seen, wear the best protective clothing you can afford. If you’re thinking about getting back on the bike after a winter break, make sure it’s fully serviced and take time to re-familiarise yourself with it or even go for a refresher lesson, or head out with an Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM) Instructor.  The IAM offer various options for motorcyclists.

Safety is part of the advanced riding programme, encouraging confidence, and is designed to help you get even greater enjoyment from the riding experience. There are various other options available. Check out Better Biking or speak to your local instructors for more information.