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“I wish I had instructed Digby Brown from the beginning”

After Jacqueline Mills was injured in an accident, she contacted another Scottish law firm about making a personal injury claim.

This firm failed to progress the case after the insurer denied liability for the accident saying they weren’t to blame. Ms Mills’ previous solicitors were unwilling to go to Court for her.

“I was really frustrated with the solicitor I had – they never got back to me and I was constantly chasing him for information. There was endless delays and they were very unprofessional. After hearing Digby Brown’s name, I decided to get in touch and it was like night and day.

“Straight away it was clear Digby Brown were a very professional organisation and I was very impressed with the service, it was second to none.

“I don’t believe my settlement would have been as positive without their help.”

Elaine Barton, Associate at Digby Brown’s Glasgow office, has been specialising in personal injury law for over eight years and acted on Ms Mills behalf.

“It went from no communication to Elaine constantly keeping me in the loop so I always knew what was happening.

“From the very beginning she explained the whole process and I had peace of mind because I knew I wouldn’t be out of pocket for legal expenses.

“Elaine was very thorough preparing my case and I never felt like it was an inconvenience if I asked questions like before.”

Digby Brown’s funding model allows our lawyers to pursue a case in court where appropriate. After reviewing the previous solicitors file, we were confident that we would be able to establish fault for the accident. 

We advised the insurers of our involvement in the case and that we intended to raise a Court action to vindicate Ms Mills’ rights.  With our reputation as specialist lawyers in personal injury, the threat of litigation was enough to have the insurer in this case change their position, admit fault and pay the compensation owed in full of £29,000. 

“I would highly recommend Digby Brown to anyone pursuing an injury claim. Thanks to the hard work and efforts of Elaine Barton, I had a very successful outcome to my claim which exceeded my expectations.

“I am certain that the settlement Elaine achieved for me would not have been as positive had I remained with my previous solicitor. My case didn’t matter to them but it did to Digby Brown.

“My only regret is I wish I had gone to Digby Brown from the very beginning, it was a first class service and I honestly can’t thank them enough for what they’ve done for me.”

The case shows not only the benefit of having an experienced personal injury solicitor working on your behalf but also the benefit of having the protection offered by our funding company.  With the experience of Digby Brown and the backing of Compensate Claims Funding Limited, Ms Mills was able to pursue her case at no risk to her despite her original solicitors closing her file.

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