Aberdeen injury lawyers help couple after head on collision

Elderly couple sitting on bench

Mr and Mrs Gauld, both over 75 years old, were involved in a head on collision on a country road in Aberdeenshire because another driver was driving too fast.

The driver lost control of their campervan, veering onto Mrs Gauld’s side of the road and hitting them head on.

“We were motoring towards Stonehaven along a narrow road. There was a lot of traffic and you need to make sure you stay on your side of the road and don’t stray as it’s not very wide. It’s a road you can’t drive at speed. However, as we approached a corner a campervan was haring towards us and hit us head on.

“I got trapped because I broke my arm in the crash. I was driving and I didn’t have the strength to get myself across to the passenger side. My husband and the lady driver was taken by ambulance to hospital but they got a helicopter for me.”

Relied on family for help after the accident

Both Mr and Mrs Gauld were admitted overnight for observation.  Mrs Gauld suffered 3 fractures to her right arm and hand and she was very badly bruised by the seat belt. 

“The accident gave my husband a very bad shock, he was never the same after it. I was a bit dazed and found it difficult keeping track of things after.

“I was bruised up and down from the impact and it was my right arm which was broken so I was incapacitated really. Very slowly I became a little more ambidextrous but I couldn’t write, chop my food. Luckily, my son was able to come and help us both.”

Family persuaded them to make an injury claim

The couple contacted Digby Brown Solicitors in Aberdeen after family encouraged them to get in touch with personal injury lawyers about a possible injury claim.

“We weren’t of an age group where you would make a personal injury claim, you would just soldier on and get on with it. My family were insistent that we were both damaged and were entitled to compensation.”

Very welcome experience with Digby Brown Aberdeen

Mr and Mrs Gauld met with Paul Thomson, personal injury lawyer at Digby Brown Aberdeen office to discuss what happened and he explained the process of making a claim.

“The service was excellent. I felt Paul knew we were not responsible for the accident and he was working for us to get what we were entitled to. The whole process was straightforward and simple for us, Paul took care of everything.”

Aberdeen injury lawyers secure five figure compensation

Our Aberdeen lawyers secured the couple fair and rightful compensation for their injuries and losses, totalling over £30,000.

“I was very happy with the outcome. We didn’t expect anything like that, it was a lot more than we thought we would receive.

“I would advise anyone to get in touch with Digby Brown about a compensation claim if you know the other driver was at fault the accident.”