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Nurse holding hydraulic cutters to cut someone out of car after road traffic accident

Road traffic accident claims - It matters if you've been injured in a car crash

Every year Digby Brown help over 1,000 road traffic accident victims in Scotland claim compensation after sustaining a personal injury caused by the fault of others.

Every car accident which happens on our roads in Scotland whether motorway, side road or country road is a serious event - for Digby Brown whether the injuries the driver or passengers receive are considerable or minor the fact is they are traumatic.

Right person doing the right job matters

It matters to Digby Brown that after the car accident every person who has sustained an injury and who has sought medical treatment should receive rightful and fair compensation. Digby Brown knows that without a firm of lawyers on your side it is exceedingly difficult to deal directly with a car insurance company or claims handling affiliate of the Insurance company.  

Our records show that on average Digby Brown gain three times the initial pre-litigation compensation offer for our clients - we have the case histories to prove it.

We handle the complete range of road traffic compensation claims, from accidents where there is a serious injury to the brain or spinal cord to uninsured loss recovery. In addition, we have a dedicated team of personal injury lawyers who are here to help those bereaved come to terms and deal with the aftermath of a death on the roads.

Entitled to claim road accident compensation

If you have been either the driver or passenger of a vehicle which has been involved in a road traffic accident and suffered a personal injury you are entitled to claim compensation. The circumstances of that accident can vary enormously from being hit by another car or vehicle when stationary, being a passenger in a vehicle whose driver's negligence causes the accident or even the negligent driver has no insurance.

What is important is to seek expert legal help and for anyone in Scotland you need the help of a Scottish firm of Solicitors. Digby Brown Solicitors are experts in this field, we deal with more accidents caused through road traffic accidents than any other.  We have years of experience and the relevant expertise to fully understand your case and ensure it is has the best prospects of success. Our many case studies which you can view on the website can vouch for this.

Everyone driving a vehicle on the road should have insurance, but something like one in twenty do not. Where the driver does not have insurance, or where the vehicle is untraced, the Motor Insurers’ Bureau will take the place of the insurer to protect the rights of innocent parties.

No win no fee funding

Digby Brown have their own no win no fee funding model, Compensate, which enables our personal injury solicitors to thoroughly investigate a claim and seek maximum compensation at no financial risk to our clients. Learn more about how we fund our cases.

Why choose Digby Brown personal injury lawyers?

Digby Brown has vast experience in dealing with road traffic accident claims and has established a number of specialist units across Scotland to deal with specific types of road traffic accidents claims including:

Each of these units is staffed by lawyers who can bring to bear considerable experience and expertise on your behalf. We are recommended by not only our clients, but by the charities we support such as Child Brain Injury Trust and Headway.

On average, we achieve 3 times the pre-litigation offer for our clients - and our case studies prove this.

Contact our specialist road traffic accident solicitors

If you would like to talk to someone about road traffic accident you have been involved in, please call us on 0333 200 5925 (local rate even from a mobile), text help to 83310 or fill in our brief enquiry form and someone will contact you.

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