Backup - transforming lives after spinal cord injury
Backup - transforming lives after spinal cord injury

Back Up in Scotland

Digby Brown works with Back Up as one of their legal partners in Scotland.

Back Up is a UK-wide charity that works with people who have a spinal cord injury along with their families to rebuild their independence through workshops and advice provided by local volunteers.

This includes bespoke sessions on wheelchair skills either in 1:1 sessions or in community-based groups.

Back Up delivers these vital services to more than 800 people every year in the hope of building confidence and independence into people’s lives and offers a support network when it is needed most. It also helps challenge perceptions of disability or wheelchair use so that life with a spinal cord injury can be a full and active one.

Many of Back Up’s volunteer and staff team have even been personally affected by spinal cord injury, so wheelchair users know they are getting the support they need from people who’ve already faced and overcome similar, if not the same, challenges. 

What help does Digby Brown offer through Back Up?

Digby Brown is part of the Scottish panel of solicitors who offer specialist legal support to those that have experienced spinal cord injury.

This includes:

  • Representation in the event that the spinal cord injury was caused through an accident or medical negligence.
  • As part of representing these clients provide access to additional rehabilitation as required
  • Secure fair compensation for the impact this life changing injury will have on your future

For more information about Back Up and the full list of services they can provide, please visit their website.

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