Accident at work caused by lack of provision of a step-ladder

Ms C. was working as a sales assistant in a soft furnishings store when the accident at work happened.

How was she injured in an accident at work?

Part of her duties was to maintain and change curtain and blind displays within the store.

However, as her employers had failed to provide her with a step-ladder to reach the curtains, Ms C. required to stand on a chair to carry out this duty.

Whilst standing on the chair, it gave way and the pursuer fell to the ground.

Ms C. sustained a soft tissue injury to her back and an impingement injury to her shoulder.

Claim compensation for accident at work

Digby Brown's solicitors raised a claim on Ms C.'s behalf but her employer denied liability for the accident at work and therefore refused to pay any compensation.

Raised claim in court

Digby Brown then raised a court action against her employer, with the result that Ms C.'s case settled for £15,000.