Accident at work caused foot injury

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Mr M. was injured in the course of his employment when he was instructed to drill holes in a large piece of granite to be made into a head stone.

The work equipment provided by the pursuer's employers was unsuitable and unsafe. When Mr M. was in the process of moving the piece of stone on the drilling table, the stone overbalanced and fell from the table, striking Mr M. on his foot.

Employer's insurers denied responsibility for work accident

The employer’s insurers denied liability for the accident. Digby Brown's personal injury solicitors used no win no fee funding to obtain expert reports and raise the case in court.

After obtaining a liability report from a Consulting Engineer, together with medical reports from a Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon, Consultant Neurologist and a Vocational expert, Digby Brown raised proceedings in the Court of Session.

Liability remained in dispute until a month before the court hearing when, after detailed negotiation with the defender's solicitors, Mr M’s work accident case settled in the sum of £14,250 net of benefits.