Accident at work claim comes to Digby Brown for compensation

Workers on construction site

Our client suffered a broken ankle whilst working as a subcontractor on a building site and went to his union lawyers to make a claim for compensation. He thought it would be simple as he had been able to return to work after 6 months.

They kept his case for three years then, 5 weeks before the three year time limit came into effect, told him he would not win his case and they could do nothing for him.

Soon afterwards he met a friend in Edinburgh who advised him to go to Digby Brown for a second opinion.

Digby Brown’s expert personal injury solicitors immediately took on his case and quickly raised an action in the Court of Session before the three year time limit expired. The defence was that he was not under the control of the defenders at the time of the accident and consequently they were not responsible for his health and safety.

Digby Brown brought in an expert in interpreting construction industry contracts who was able to prove the defenders were indeed responsible for his health and safety.

Furthermore, despite being able to go back to work after 6 months specialist foot surgeons and employment experts were commissioned to calculate the possibility of future loss of income. As a result of this, our client was awarded compensation of £70,000.