Accident in Kirkcaldy awarded over 16 times the initial compensation with expert legal advice

Supermarket trolley in supermarket

Marion Attan was injured in an accident at a local supermarket in Kirkcaldy. After instructing Digby Brown, our personal injury solicitors secured over 16 times the initial offer given by the insurers.

How did the accident happen?

Marion was just leaving Morrison’s one morning around 7am when she crashed to the ground, injuring her right leg and wrist.

“I think my heel must have caught on something when I was leaving, I didn’t see it at all. One minute I was walking the next minute I was on the ground.

“There was a searing pain immediately; I’ve never felt pain like it.”

Impact of injuries from the accident

Marion trapped a nerve and pulled a muscle in her right leg. She went to hospital and was given medication to help alleviate the pain. The fall had also aggravated a pre-existing wrist injury.

Physio helped ease the pain but despite this she was advised the injury would require time to heal, there was no quick fix.

“It was awful, you don’t realise the impact of these things until it happens to you.”

Off work due to accident injuries

Marion was unable to go into work as a hairdresser for around 2 months due to her injury making it hard for her to stand for extended periods of time.

Injuries made it difficult to leave the house

“It impacted on everything. I did a lot of things before the accident; I was part of a walking club and did swimming for example, but I couldn’t do any of that after the accident.

“I was essentially housebound as I couldn’t drive which was a nightmare and even as a passenger, I struggled with longer drives.”

Dealt with supermarkets insurers directly

Morrison’s insurers got in touch with Marion via email to try and settle the case with her directly.

“They received my medical reports and offered me £250 but I wasn’t happy with this so decided to get in touch with a solicitor.”

Contacted Digby Brown for expert legal advice

Marion contacted Digby Brown’s Kirkcaldy office for legal advice as she had seen our company advertised on television and heard her customers talking about our firm.

“Digby Brown were excellent, no complaints at all”

“I was given an appointment with a solicitor in Kirkcaldy and it went from there. They kept in touch with me about the case and the service was just excellent, no complaints at all.”

Kirkcaldy personal injury solicitors investigated injuries from accident

As Marion had injured the same wrist shortly before the accident, it complicated the medical position in the case.

Our solicitors in Kirkcaldy had to get precise and detailed medical evidence on the injuries caused by the accident.

Insurers made no offer so case raised in court

With no offers of appropriate compensation forthcoming, our solicitors raised the case in court to pressurise the insurer to make a fair and proper offer of compensation.

This resulted in a very good offer being received.

Compensation for accident

Digby Brown’s personal injury solicitors secured over 16 times the original offer given to Marion by the supermarkets insurers.

Life after the accident

“I’m about 75% back to normal now. My leg is not too bad and I’m trying to get back into my previous lifestyle with walking, swimming and keeping fit.

“The final offer I accepted was much more than the first. I put everything in Digby Brown’s hands and took their advice and I would happily go to Digby Brown in the future with anything.”