Alloa road traffic accident claim switches to Digby Brown for compensation

Car driving in the rain on country road

Our client was in a road traffic accident in Scotland and came to Digby Brown personal injury solicitors after he was unhappy with the previous law firm in England which was dealing with his case.

England and Scotland have a different legal system which means an English firm cannot take a Scottish case to court, they have no legal right to act for Scottish clients.

The fact that our client was Scottish and the accident happened in Scotland means the English law firm should have referred the case to a Scottish firm to begin with.

Road traffic accident along Scottish country road

Our client was driving along a country road in Scotland with his partner when the accident happened. The roads were wet with rain and the other car was coming in the opposite direction when it lost control on a bend and started to spin, hitting the front of our client's car.

Our client was trapped inside the car and had to be cut out and taken by air ambulance to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary where he was treated.

Injuries as a result of the serious road traffic accident

Our client was in hospital for over two weeks as he had a lot of soft tissue injuries, bruising and a fractured right ankle. His ankle was amongst his worst injury and required a lot of pins and plates to help it heal as well as a couple of months on crutches and a moon boot.

Even today, our client still experiences problems with his ankle and medical professions have confirmed that his ankle injury is permanent. 

Insurance company recommended English law firm for road traffic accident claim

When our client contact the insurance company, he was referred to an English law firm for his road traffic accident claim.

The other firm advised what they felt his compensation case was worth but they did not have the experience and needed a barrister to review everything regarding the value. They even tried to put the case through where all English cases are logged – even though this is not legally possible.

Our client was not happy with their assessment of compensation, and was only told by the English solicitor then that if his case had to go to court, that he would have to find a Scottish solicitor to deal with his claim.

What Digby Brown's road traffic accident solicitors did to help

At Digby Brown, we have specialist department of personal injury solicitors that deal with road traffic accident claims in Scotland. Our solicitors were able to properly investigate this case in regards to ability to work in the future and negotiate on our clients’ behalf, which resulted in his compensation doubling.

“We unfortunately find more personal injury claims being passed to us from English law firms where the accident happened in Scotland. An English law firm has no jurisdiction to take on Scottish accident cases and resulting in cases being delayed or under-settled.”